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About Us


At SHADE we live an active lifestyle and with that comes the increased exposure to harsh UV-Rays. We had a hard time finding products that could hold up to our high performance demands, without containing unnecessary nasties or harmful components. So we made our own...

 We created sunscreens and after-sun products that allow athletes, beach babes, parents and their children, have access to products that offer superior protection from UV exposure, while still being conscious of your body, skin and the environment. All of our formulas are free of chemical sunscreens, parabens, glycols, and animal derived ingredients. Developed by a pharmacists / surf enthusiasts, SHADE is a superior, luxurious product that's designed to do everything it says it does. Shading you through every surf session, every workout and every day 9-5 wear. SHADE will give you the protection you need without the after effects of the sun or chemicals. At SHADE we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in sunscreen and skincare formulas to develop the best performing, safest products on the market.